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Longboard Completes

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      Longboard completes are set up to be ready to ride straight out of the box! At Extreme Skates, we have a fantastic variety to choose from. They’re great for first-time buyers as they take all the guesswork out of choosing your individual parts. A complete longboard comes with the deck, trucks, wheels, bushings and bearings already chosen and put together for you. The best part is, as you learn what style of riding you enjoy, you’ll also figure out how you like your set-up to feel. From there, you can change certain aspects of your longboard, such as your wheels or bushings as you need.

      Our longboard range

      We stock all your favourite brands to choose your longboard including, Grand Gopher, Sector 9, Ark, Omen, SurfSkate, Bustin and more! Not sure which Longboard is right for you? We can help! We’re dedicated to getting the right board under your feet! Call us or come in and see the team. We are passionate about figuring out which set-up is suitable for you. It’s often just a matter of asking the right questions and pairing your answers to the right board.

      Our longboard completes are mostly made with top of the line Canadian Maple Wood. We only stock top-quality products, so you know whatever you end up choosing, it will last. 

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      We love being a part of peoples skate journeys. Finding the right set-up for our customers gives us a thrill! There's nothing better than seeing people of all skill levels find the gear they need to get skating and to grow their skills too. 

      Extreme Skates is your destination for everything skating. We specialise in skateboards, longboards, roller skates, rollerblades/inline skates, roller derby skates, scooters, protective gear, accessories and more!

      Browse through our range of complete skates to find different colours or designs to suit any size, taste and budget. Grab one today and get rolling.