Longboard Wheels

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      There are few things in the longboard world more confounding to the newer skater than selecting longboard wheels. We often hear “What wheels should I buy for my long board?” Which we can easily answer with a few personal favourites, but instead, we’ll ask a few more questions to narrow the choices. It also helps to keep the customers head from exploding from all of the information and options. We like to keep this to a minimum in the store as it’s messy. Some of the questions we ask, and that you should consider include: • What type of board and trucks do you have? • What type of riding do you do? • Are you looking to upgrade any other components? • What kind of feel are you seeking? • Have you ridden anyone else’s board that you liked the feel of the ride? What type of wheels did they have? Longboard wheels come with different variations. Height (measured bottom to top of the wheel as it stands on the board), width (measured by the section that touches the ground) and hub size and setting. They also vary in depth of urethane, colour and edge shape. You’ll find each types of these specfications at Extreme Skates both in store and online. As Australia’s favourite local skate shop you can rest assured we only stock quality wheels and in a great range, so great that we have over 80 types to choose from! Each set comes from one of three manufacturers: Abec 11, Omen Free Wheels and Orangatang Wheels. Whatever your preference of riding style, feel, and budget, we can give you options to choose from and we can answer any questions to help you make the best decision so you end up with the perfect wheels.