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Whether you’re a passionate, long time skater or an enthusiastic amateur, it can be tricky finding the right roller skates. For some people, it can be impossible finding a comfortable boot; for others there just doesn’t seem to be the right total package available. Often, getting it all at the right price can be a big concern. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was easier to build custom roller skates? So why not let us build your perfect roller skates for you?

At Extreme Skates, we have industry trained professionals that thrive on building dream skates for our customers. Whether it’s park skating, roller derby, dance or recreation, we have years of experience and there’s no style of skate we can’t build. With no obligation, free consultations available in store, over the phone, or through video chat, we’re always happy to help.

Custom Roller Skates

So how does building custom roller skates work? During the consultation, we will help you narrow down what type of skating you want to do, what type of equipment you need, and how to get the best skate possible. From shoes to wheels and everything in between, we can give you all the information you need to make your dream a reality. After that, all you need to do is choose your parts.


From high-top Vans sneakers to classic soccer boots, everyone has their preferred fit and feel. The type of skating you do can impact the type of boot needed, but there are very few limits to the type of boot or shoe you can craft into a skate. However, there are some things to keep in mind such as the thickness of the sole. If you have any questions before purchasing shoes or boots, please check in with one of our trained staff members. We are always ready to help and answer all your questions about what might be required.


Though fundamentally the same, roller skate plates do come in a few different shapes and sizes. Speed skaters may want a light plate with no toe stop, while derby skaters may want heaps of articulation and a big broad stopper. Once you have the boots, the size is easy to match, and we can guide you to the best plate for your needs.


Size, shape, hardness, there’s a lot to consider when picking wheels. The best place to start is choosing whether you want to skate indoors or outside–as you probably know this can be the biggest wheel choices. A hard derby wheel and a narrow trick wheel are going to feel and handle totally differently. So knowing your style is going to determine everything. Don’t worry though, wheels are easy to change and lots of skaters will have multiple sets.


Once you’ve got some wheels picked out, it’s time to make them spin. A good set of bearings can make all the difference for a smooth roll. Keep in mind though, some high impact skating like ramp and park can put a lot of stress on the bearings. So, it’s not always about speed but strength and durability.

grind block

This one is for the park skaters out there. A grind block sits between your trucks and cops the coping to help you slide. This means it’s easy to land tricks on the coping and grind rails at the skate park for easier slides and stalls. If you aren’t going to grind, then leave this out and just glide instead.

We Do Everything Else

Once the parts are in place, our qualified mechanic will build your custom roller skate. At Extreme Skates, we have years of experience working with anything that rolls. From roller skates, skateboards, inline rollerblades, scooters and more. We take that knowledge and use it to make you the best skateshop online we can!

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