What to consider when choosing Roller Blades for Kids

As both a mother of three boys and the owner of Extreme Skates, I have either had or heard, every concern about what to consider when choosing roller blades / inline skates for kids. It’s common to not know where to even start! Do you start with a cheap pair, or go with quality? What if it’s just a phase? They might not want to keep roller blading. There are so many unanswered questions! So here it goes, my assistance in helping make your decision easier and to get you value for money! You’ve got a better chance of your child enjoying roller blading with a quality product. Inexperienced skaters will need the support of a quality mid-range roller blade or inline skate. They are made up of parts that actually get the job done. Things such as bearings and wheels will roll smoothly rather than get stuck or stick while your little one is learning. Quality roller blades also provide more balance, which means less falls and your child will keep strapping them up – giving you your value for money! Technical Items to look for:

Adjustable Sizing.

Aim to buy for the size of your little skaters feet as they are now, then you’ll get approximately 4 sizes out of your adjustable inline skate. Talk about value for money! Adjustables come in approximately 3 size ranges, but you can read more on the product page. https://www.extremeskates.com.au/collections/kids-rollerblades-inline-skates-for-kids Replaceable Brakes (and straps) This is one of the most important features. When kids are learning to roller blade they rely heavily on their brakes. My kids in particular were also quite heavy handed so replacing straps wasn’t uncommon. Bonus points if the bolts are also replaceable! So many parents come to me with ‘cheaper’ skates that simply have a broken brake, but unfortunately they are not replaceable which makes the entire set useless! Needless to say skating with broken parts can be very dangerous and is unadvisable. Padding Comfort is key! No matter how much your child loves blading, blisters on top of blisters will dull any amount of enthusiasm. My child’s first pair of inline skates were hard plastic, and he while he LOVED blading, he couldn’t do it for long as the pain just got too much. Quality roller skates take comfort into consideration from design through to creation, and you’ll find durable padding around the collar of the boot as well as the heel to provide maximum comfort. These are the elements that make the biggest difference in keeping your child on their blades and giving you that all important value for money! Weight Heavy roller blades are harder to move. Quality skates use new technology to keep the overall weight of the skate to a minimum without sacrificing the structural integrity.  The most important thing I had to learn about buying roller blades for kids was that a lower cost meant lower quality which undermined the entire point of buying the blades. Your child will have a better experience and be more likely to keep going back for more in a pair of quality inline skates. Still unsure about which roller blades are right for your beginner skater? Call us on 1300 318 011 or drop by our store in Milton, Brisbane. The whole team are industry trained and have had many years’ experience and would love to chat! Don’t forget to make sure your child always wears protective gear and you trust where they are roller blading is safe! Cheers and Merry Christmas!   Franca