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      Welcome to Extreme Skates' Commuter Scooter Collection, where we bring you the finest selection of scooters designed for everyday travel. Our curated range features top brands like Micro, Crisp, ATS, Commuter, Prodigy, and Envy. Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or cruising through the suburbs, our scooters offer the perfect blend of performance, style, and durability. Let’s dive into the standout features of each brand in our collection.

      Micro Scooters

      Micro Scooters are synonymous with innovation and quality. Renowned for their sleek design and superior build, Micro scooters are perfect for those seeking a reliable ride. Highlights of the Micro commuter scooters include:

      • Compact and Foldable: Easy to carry and store, perfect for daily commuters.
      • Smooth Ride: High-quality wheels and bearings ensure a comfortable ride on any surface.
      • Durability: Built with robust materials to withstand the rigors of daily use.

      Crisp Scooters

      Crisp Scooters offer a unique blend of performance and style. Known for their vibrant designs and sturdy construction, Crisp scooters are a favorite among commuters who value both aesthetics and functionality. Key features include:

      • Vibrant Designs: Stand out with eye-catching colors and graphics.
      • Sturdy Build: Designed to handle the demands of daily commuting.
      • Smooth Performance: Equipped with high-quality components for a reliable and smooth ride.

      ATS Commuter Scooters

      ATS Commuter Scooters are designed with the urban commuter in mind. These scooters focus on providing a comfortable and efficient riding experience. Highlights include:

      • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable handlebars and deck for a pleasant ride.
      • Efficiency: Lightweight yet sturdy, making it easy to navigate through busy streets.
      • Safety Features: Enhanced safety with reliable brakes and reflective elements.

      Prodigy Scooters

      Prodigy Scooters are built for those who seek performance without compromising on style. Prodigy’s range of commuter scooters offers:

      • High-Performance Parts: Durable wheels and high-grade bearings for an effortless glide.
      • Stylish Designs: Modern and sleek, perfect for the fashion-forward commuter.
      • Durability: Made with top-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use.

      Envy Scooters

      Envy Scooters bring together innovation and practicality. Perfect for the daily commuter, Envy scooters are known for their:

      • Cutting-Edge Design: Contemporary looks with a focus on functionality.
      • Robust Construction: Designed to endure the challenges of daily commuting.
      • Enhanced Comfort: Features like adjustable handlebars and cushioned decks for a smooth ride.

      Why Choose Extreme Skates?

      At Extreme Skates, we pride ourselves on being experienced skate fitters and delivering authentic information so you can make informed choices. We’ve been looking after skaters in Brisbane and all over Australia since 2003. Our commitment is to provide you with the confidence to buy right and buy once.

      Shop our Commuter Scooter Collection today and experience the difference with Extreme Skates. For any questions or personalized assistance, feel free to call us at 1300 318 011 or message us online. Trust our expertise and make your daily commute enjoyable and efficient with the best scooters from Micro, Crisp, ATS, Commuter, Prodigy, and Envy.