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Aggressive skates are inline skates that are specially designed for park and street cruising. After becoming massively popular worldwide in the mid-nineties, the quality of today’s aggressive skating products has never been higher. As the practice grew, skater’s skill levels did too, which meant manufacturers had to work to keep up with the new ways skaters were using aggressive inline skates.

Key features of aggressive skates

Over time tricks became more technical and grind-based. Soul plates got bigger to account for this, and skate frames were developed to make grind tricks on rails and ledges easier. Aggressive skate wheels got smaller for more stability, and skate liners have now been designed to a standard that gives the skater greater comfort and greater control. The attention to detail in the manufacturing processes and the marketing of products makes us proud to be involved in the industry. 

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You’ll find a great range of aggressive inline skates here online as well as in-store at our Brisbane skate shop, stocking all your favourite brands such as USD skates, Razor skates,  Anarchy skates and more.

If there’s a design you want that you don’t see online, feel free to contact us here or come visit us in-store. We’re more than happy to help, and we will always do our best to accommodate our customers. 

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We take pride in being able to help people in their skating journeys. Seeing kids learn coordination and skills and people from all walks of life taking up skating is what it's all about, which is why we make it our number goal to provide the gear you need to get skating.

Extreme Skates is your go-to destination for everything skating. Our range of aggressive skates is sure to impress the most expert skaters and those new to the skating scene. 

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