Custom Build Roller Skates

Extreme Skates can help you build your dream roller skates using any type of shoe you like!

Please call us or send us a message before you purchase the shoes you want to convert into skates.

We have put together roller skates using Vans Sk8 Hi for park skating, turned Doc Martins into disco rollers, and converted ice skates into roller skates, nothing is too hard (though if it is we would let you know). Check out our photos on our Facebook page for examples of the many different types of roller skate build we have done.

To start the process of creating your very own custom rollerskates, the first thing you should do is get in touch with us, either via email, call us on 1300 318 011, or message us through one of our social media channels. We like to talk you through the process making sure we deliver the outcome expected.

The cost is fixed at $160.00, which includes labour, 3mm aluminium inner soles, and mounting bolts, which we custom cut to fit your shoe – The rest of the setup is up to the skater to choose.

To complete a custom skate, you will need: Plates, Wheels, Toe-Stops, and Bearings. Get in touch with us and we can happily guide you through it, so that you can make informed choices and get the perfect skates!