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      Tri Skates are the hottest new trend in the skating industry and for a good reason – they are incredible! Being Australia’s favourite local skate store, we have a great range of Tri Skates for you to browse below online or come in and try on! Since bursting onto the market, Tri Skates have been used for every skating discipline including speed and fitness skating to off road, hockey and more. Tri Skates allow you to move faster, cover larger distances, and explore different terrain. How? Bigger wheels are simply faster. They move will less restraint and give you more freedom to move over rugged terrain. Powerslide are the main producers of Tri Skates, and they offer the highest quality, which is what we’re are all about at Extreme! Not sure about Tri Skates? Come in and chat to our expert skate team about whether these skates will suit your style and get fitted so you can give them a roll.