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      Wiping out is an unavoidable part of skating. Falling and getting back up again is pretty much how every skater learns. A quality helmet can make the difference between a minor injury and something way more serious.

      Our range skateboard helmets are here to protect you from receiving any severe head damage. With popular brands like Triple 8, S-One and Pro-Tec, you'll be able to save your skull in style! Have a look through the latest designs here online today. We strongly recommend a certified helmet for Skateboard riders, inline skaters riders and BMX riders.

      Why wear a skateboard helmet?

      Learning to skate entails a lot of falling over, and even seasoned skaters aren't immune to mishaps. While many skaters have hesitated at the idea of wearing a helmet, more and more skateparks are enforcing helmet use, and professional skaters are following suit. Banging your head on the floor can result in various health problems, by comparison, wearing a helmet is a tiny thing to pay.

      Skateboarding Helmet Size

      Use a soft tape measure to measure an even line around your head above the eyebrows and ears to determine the correct helmet size. Because no two heads or helmets are the same, you need to make sure that yours is comfortable to wear. You can also come into our store, and we can assist you in getting the right fit by measuring your head.

      Protection that counts

      All our skateboard helmets meet the safety standards required to provide the best protection.