Knee Protection

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      Extreme Skates offers a quality range of skate knee pads to get you or your kids ready for skating. We carry a wide selection of safety gear for skaters of all skill levels. Shop the most comprehensive selection of protective gear for skateboarding, longboarding, inline skating, roller skating, and other sports.

      Skate knee pads that provide freedom of movement

      On this page, you will find the proper knee pads for your needs to avoid bad knee injuries, whether skateboarding, rollerblading, or riding a scooter. For both beginners and more experienced skaters, there is a wide choice of knee protection available. 

      Extreme Skate's skate knee pads are typically anatomically contoured and made of breathable materials. They're comfy, so you can move around and bend your knees without getting that uncomfortable tightening sensation around your knees.

      What do knee pads protect you against?

      Skate knee pads work to protect your knees from injury as they can take a hammering from the heavy landings that all skaters face. Whether you fall on a hard surface such as the floor, hit a wall, or slip on a rail, knee protection will significantly reduce the chance of knee injuries and damage to your legs. These are the portions of the body that are frequently injured during skating due to bad landings. Shock absorption is provided by compression and padding, which keeps you safe, perfect for adults and kids too.

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