Inline Bearings

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      Inline bearings are the circular metal pieces that sit inside your wheels one on each side of the hub. The bearing's t job is to keep the wheels rolling, each wheel is connected to the skate by inserting the axle through the bearings. 

      While all inline bearings were not made equal in terms of quality, they come in two sizes, 8mm and 7mm. No matter what type or size of an inline  wheel you have, all bearings have the same measurements and will fit all wheels sold at Extreme Skates.

      These arereferred to as 8 mm’s or 7mm depending on the size of the axle,  which is a reference to the inside diameter or the core, the outer diameter measures at 22 mm and the width comes in at 7 mm.

      Inline bearings are sold in sets of 16 and or individually,and also another option is to get 2 sets of 8 as each wheel requires two bearings. You can check out our range of bearings  or come into our Milton store. We have a great variety of colours and styles including traditional, ceramic and titanium!

      What Are ABEC Ratings?

      Most  bearings are measured on an ABEC scale. The higher the rating the better the bearing. The rating system includes the following grades: 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

      Meaning an ABEC 1 bearing will be the most inexpensive bearing while an ABEC 9 will be more costly but also boast high accuracy and precision.

      There are factors the ABEC system does not take into consideration such as load handling, materials, noise, vibration, lubricant and ball precision so it is possible for an ABEC 3 rated bearing to out perform and ABEC 5 bearing. Talk to the team at Extreme if you’re unsure about which bearings are right for you!