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Juice Wheels

At Extreme Skates you’ll find a huge variety of Juice Wheels in our online store and Milton Skate Shop.

Visiting Australia and Brisbane’s favourite local skate shop not only means a great selection of roller derby wheels, but it means personalised service.

Our team specialise in roller derby gear and are ready to help you with any questions. From wheel hardness (durometer) to indoor or outdoor styles, we are here to give you the information to make an informed decision.

About Juice Wheels

Juice formed a collaborative partnership between the manufacturer and players to deliver a new technology designed for derby.

Through their collaboration Juice identified derby players require a unique mixture of grip and speed in a wheel. From there they formulated a design to give skaters more stick in the turns and conserved energy in the roll.

If you are searching for roller derby wheels that are durable, affordable, and high performance look no further. Not sure if they are right for you?

Call us on 1300 318 011 or drop by for a chat about wheels for your style of skating and to suit your training venue.

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