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Abec 11 Wheels

Abec 11 Wheels are world famous skateboard wheels manufactured in the United States. Skater owned and operated since 2000 these wheels have met the demands of a multitude of heavy duty skaters.

Choose between a range of sizes, shapes, durometers and formulas to get the best wheel for your skate style. The Freeride wheels feature a wider core to provide additional stability keeping them smooth, while the Centrax wheels are a heavy duty racing model for the ultimate downhill experience.

Speak to the team at Extreme Skates for more info on Abec 11 wheels or visit in store to check out the range.

Abec 11 Wheels History

The name Abec 11 came from a scene in the the hilarious American Rock mockumentary comedy film This is Spinal Tap, where the main character describes the volume on his amps going ‘one higher’ than any other amp. Most go to 10, that’s max volume for most musicians. But his goes one higher, his reaches the next level, his reaches level 11. Hence the name Abec 11 was born.