How to Choose the Perfect Roller Skate Cushions: - By Speaking Frankly
In this blog, we aim to empower skaters with knowledge to enhance their skating. Choosing the right cushion durometer is vital, as it impacts how your skates respond to your movements and your level of control. Factors like your weight, kingpin degree, and wheel choice play a role in cushion performance. Our experts can help you make the right choice.
Build Your Dream Roller Skates
Whether you’re a passionate, long time skater or an enthusiastic amateur, it can be tricky finding the right roller skates. For some people, it can be impossible finding a comfortable boot; for others there just doesn’t seem to be the...
Park Roller Skate Packages
Whether you’re fresh meat or looking to get a refresh for your feet, finding a new pair of skates should be exciting. But after figuring out what kind of skating you want to do, sometimes finding all the right components...