Park Roller Skate Packages

Whether you’re fresh meat or looking to get a refresh for your feet, finding a new pair of skates should be exciting. But after figuring out what kind of skating you want to do, sometimes finding all the right components can feel like a chore. Thankfully, there are a host of complete roller skate packages that are perfect for eager park skaters. Here are just a few pick up and go options.

Reach for the stars

Sleek, slimline, and strong, the Bont ParkStar easily combines comfort and performance. Made using heat mouldable suede, the ParkStar boot is incredibly soft and form fitting. But thanks to the anti-stretch design, they can maintain their much needed structure throughout the ankle. ParkStars are available with two different plate setups, the responsive nylon Prodigy or the sturdy aluminium Tracer. So they offer a choice between added stability or flexibility. Whatever plate you choose, they come standard with Street Flow wheels. With a slim contact patch and hard durometer, Street Flow wheels are ideal for polished skate park surfaces. Of course, the ParkStar skates pair perfectly with both DiscoTrux and Disco Blox.

Embrace your fate

Named after the ancient Turkish word for destiny, the Chaya Kismet roller skates have been built for a single purpose. Made using a combination of leather and denim, the Kismet features a mid-cut profile for agility. On top of the responsive Shari fibreglass plate, they come fitted with a Karma grind block. So they’re ready to ride the rails right out of the box. Also, the Octo Paseo wheels are at their best when Rolling on ramps and smooth concrete. A vegan friendly alternative, Chaya Jump skates boast a retro high-top design that could have stepped right out of the boxing ring. Fitted with the same Shari plate, the Jump skates come with softer Paseo wheels that are suited to urban freestyle on rough surfaces. One of their earliest efforts, the Chaya Karma skates are still going strong. While they offer a similar profile and setup to the Kismet, the Karma comes with Octo Momentum wheels and Abec-7 bearings. So they offer the kind of speed needed to fly out of the bowl.

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety - Always wear protection!

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