How to Choose the Perfect Roller Skate Cushions: - By Speaking Frankly


When it comes to roller skating, ensuring that every component of your setup is perfectly tailored to your needs is essential for a smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable ride. One thing we know at Extreme Skates, the benefits of customising how your rollerskate performs is crucial to a skaters overall skating experience. 

Often-overlooked but crucial element of your roller skates is the cushions. These small, unassuming pieces of rubber can make a world of difference in your skating experience.

The purpose of this blog is to empower skaters to with knowledge giving you all the confidence and courage to pimp your ride.

there are a few elementsto consider when choosing to  upgrade your ride. These are  -

  • Shape - conical and Barrell
  • Duromoter - Hardness
  • The Degree of the Kingpin
  • The hardness of the wheels
  • Skater's weight range
  • What doesn't the skater like about thier ride now?


  • Barrell (stability) - placed boot side (Top)
  • Conical (agility) - placed road side (Bottom).  

Understanding Durometer in Roller Skate Cushions

Durometer measures the hardness of the rubber material in roller skate cushions. It affects how your skates respond to your movements and the level of control you have while skating. When looking at cushions and how to choose a hardness, we  take the skaters weight - degree of the kingpin and wheels into consideration. All of these factors  alter the cushions performance. Not easy, that's OK! Let us the experts in skating equipment and performance help you. 

In the meantime here is a summary of cushions 

Cushions come in various durometers, each designed to cater to different skating styles and preferences: The duromoters below are a general guide only. Each brand has thier own refernce guide and should be checked. 

-72a (Extra Soft) - lots of agility - best suited to skaters who are in a weight range of 40-60Kgs. 

-79a (Soft) - Agility- more movement suitable for weight range 60-70 Kgs.

- 85a (Medium) - suitable for weight range of 70-80 Kg

- 93a (Hard) - Heavier than 90kgs 

The lower the duromoter the softer the cushion - The sofer the cusion the more agility you get, making turning more responsive. - 

The higher the duromoeter the lease agility a skater will feel. 

Cushions are a fantastic choice for enhancing your roller skating experience. By selecting the right durometer for your style and preferences, you can enjoy a smoother, more controlled, and enjoyable ride, whether you're gliding through the streets or performing intricate tricks in the skatepark.

So, go ahead let us help you upgrade your roller skate cushions to take your skating to the next level!

Speaking Frankly