Powerslide - KAZE Supercruiser 110 Trinity Inline Skates

Powerslide - KAZE Supercruiser 110 Trinity Inline Skates

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The Powerslide Skates - KAZE Supercruiser 110 Trinity Inline Skates utilises super low Trinity mounting which enables you to roll on 3 big wheels without losing control or balance. In addition, the reinforced shell and stiff 243mm Triskate frame provide plenty of support for all freestyle tricks. Once having tried the comfy Recall Fit padding, there is no going back. Long lasting 110mm UC wheels and fast Wicked bearings crown this stunning commuter freeskate!

The 3-wheel skates combine dynamic rolling, agility and skating pleasure like no other skate, because they are lighter, faster and lower. The different look and feel of 3-wheel skates is breathing new excitement into inline skating. So, for the first time, skaters from different disciplines like fitness, speed, or even free-skating can enjoy the many advantages of rolling on 3 big wheels.

The bigger the wheels get the more important it is to have control and support over your skates. Above all, TRINITY puts skating to a new level. Skates featuring the TRINITY 3-point mounting outperform the standard mounting by far. TRINITY skates have the lowest possible center of gravity, which makes them easier to control and more reactive. Likewise, you are also faster and more agile thanks to the better power transfer. Crush the competition with TRINITY.


SHELL : PS V. Trinity composite fiber

Most importantly, the Trinity composite shell is not symmetrical like most of the shells you can find for skates. Our shell is perfectly shaped and anatomically built for left and right feet. This is in order to create a better fit and overall performance of the skate. The shell is made out of a special nylon composite with fibreglass mixed into the material. So, the shell strong and supportive. Furthermore, the bottom of the shell is ventilated and incorporates the X-design to guarantee torsion stiffness and perfect power transfer for each stride.

The cuff is light and very supportive giving you perfect lateral support. It is made out of a special nylon composite with added fibreglass so it's strong and supportive. The asymmetrical shape of the cuff, which fits perfectly to the shell adds further strength to the construction. The buckle is a clean and stylish fast lock buckle with a new female buckle receptor.

FRAME  : PS Trinity 243mm AL

The patented Powerslide Trinity aluminium frame is a top of the line frame made of high end 6061 aircraft aluminium. It is based on a double voided construction. The extra ribs between the wheels increase the stiffness and help to lower the weight. The frame is very well balanced and super stiff thanks to its special 3-point mounting construction and general distribution of the forces through 3 mounting points. The frame scores with superior finish. Its equipped with 8mm single axles incl. T25 torx head made of 7075 aluminium.

The combination of the across slot in the frame and the along slot in our boots is called the X-Slot Mounting. This system enables you to adjust the boot-frame setup without any dead spots. As a result you can tailor the frame according to your skating style and preferences. This special feature is unique in the FSK skate category! Also, Powerslide is the ONLY skate brand that offers the skater the possibility to adjust the position of his frame fitting the personal preferences and skating skills!

WHEEL : Undercover Lion 110mm 88A made in USA

UNDERCOVER has teamed up with MATTER, the legendary leader of the racing and freeskating world to create the ultimate wheel brand. Both brands have combined forces to start a new era of blading meaning that the differences between all disciplines: aggressive, powerblading, freeskating, recreational and even fitness skating are disappearing, resulting in one big, united community of skaters. All our wheels are poured in California. Moreover, they are created with the most durable, fast and grippy PU and the finest core compounds available in the industry. All proudly made in USA, Huntington Beach, the cradle of skating.

From 55mm up to 125mm wheels, the UC by MATTER collection offers multiple choices of sizes, durometers, PU formulas, profiles and colours, covering all the needs of the MATTER followers as well as bringing new options such as the brand new 125mm wheels specially designed for the 3 wheel movement. However, it doesn€™t matter what you do on your skates, whether it€™s sliding, grinding, jumping or cruising, if you want the best quality there is only one choice: UC by MATTER, the ultimate wheel brand. The UC by MATTER €œWildlife€ collection offers the largest and finest selection of wheels ever released to the inline market, to create the best looking custom setups ever.

BEARING : Wicked freespin ABEC 9

WICKED (WCD) is a new high end bearing brand specializing in all kinds of rollsport. WCD features the best available raw materials. Crafted with high quality to guarantee a fast and smooth ride but also a long lifetime. WCD freespin ABEC 9 bearings are superior in quality and performance. The bearing comes with a one side rubber coated metal shield. The bearing contains 7 chrome steel balls. High viscosity oil made in Germany is used for this high tech bearing. For more information check out the Wicked website under: www.wicked-hardware.com

BOOT  : Support for high performance

The upper of the Powerslide Skates - KAZE Supercruiser 110 Trinity Inline Skates is made of nylon webbing including internal reinforcements and PU nano leather applications. This combination offers a nice wrap around and snug fit on one side, but also good support as you need for a high speed performance skate like this. On top of that, the tongue is pre-shaped for an anatomical fit. So you will like the comfortable fit from the first moment you step into the skate. The Kaze comes with regular waxed laces which tighten your boot effectively. The ratchet buckle locks your heel in place for a perfect power transfer.

PADDING : Designed for supportive comfort

The padding for Kaze skates was designed with supportive comfort as the main objective, and you can tell! These skates make you feel good from the first moment you put them on. A combination of various layers of high end foam materials with different thicknesses and densities provides comfort on one side, but a supportive fit on the other. So they'll keep their performance for a long time, not like cheap skates which feel floppy after short time. Additionally, the padding is 3D shaped and anatomically placed in the boot to ensure a nice fit and perfect heel lock.

CLOSURE : Ratchet buckle

Finally, the Kaze comes with regular waxed laces which tighten your boot effectively. The ratchet buckle locks your heel in place for a perfect power transfer.

Powerslide Skates - KAZE Supercruiser 110 Trinity Inline Skates BOOT DIMENSIONS:

















POWERSLIDE KAZE 90 - upgraded inside and out The Powerslide Kaze 90 is a top notch all-round freeskate, which has just been thoroughly renovated. The new flex shell in combination with high end foam materials offers much more comfort than before. The new MYFIT SPC material with it´s memory fit effect adapts to each individual foot shape offering maximum comfort. The Kaze has now got a Triskate setup following our philosophy get more with less. The skate features the super stiff and highly reactive Nexus rocker frame, fast and grippy Spinner 90mm / 88A wheels and high performance ABEC 9 bearings from Wicked. Catering to a wide range of skating styles, these skates will handle all your requirements. Take them for a fast ride through the city, enjoy long controlled slides or improve your skills in a freestyle session. No matter what you do with your Kaze's, fun is guaranteed. Speaking Specs - a new series of detailed information tutorials by Powerslide´s very own product development department with Matthias Knoll, Scott Arlidge and Jürgen Pfitzner. Tune in for endless tech infos on literally all new Powerslide products. Have a look at the Speaking Specs playlist at: https://goo.gl/X96hTa

Great skate for urban street skating and fittness skating. 

About Powerslide

Powerslide began back in 1994 when the inline boom was launching. Speed skater Matthias Knoll and his business partner Stefan Göhl initially offered products from already established brands in the still growing inline landscape of the USA. However, demand kept growing for new and more innovative products. Soon Powerslide were adding to their collection with a range of in-house brands, before finally going on to create their very own product line. By 1997 the dream of creating their own brands had become a reality. Now Powerslide is considered one of the industry leaders.