What to Consider when Choosing Roller Skates for Kids

I get customers coming into Extreme Skates wanting to buy roller skates for their kids and/or looking for kids beginner roller skates not knowing where to start. Guess what? I was in the same position as you when I first went to buy my roller skates back in the early 80’s for my children. I remember all too well the thoughts and concerns about what kind of roller skates or quad skates to get. Do I spend big, or just get a cheap? They might not want to keep up rollerskating. It could be a fad. Oh the questions. So I’m writing this blog post both as a Mum who’s been through this experience and also as a product specialist to address any concerns, make your decision easier and ensure you get value for money! Here it is… A good quality roller skate product will only add positive outcome to the roller skating experience for the young inexperienced skater. A quality mid-range roller skate or quad skate is made up of components that actually do the job they are designed to do. This means the wheels and bearings will roll properly, so your little one won’t have to push as much or feel like they’re rolling through mud. This also gives the beginner skater better balance to enjoy the experience. Overall, a much better rollerskating experience will keep the skater doing it and going back for more, hence giving you value for money! (I’ll refer to this as VFM). I could go on and on about the quality technical features, rather than that, I have listed the most important items below for you. These days the great advantage with the roller skates/quad skates we stock  are the great features:

Firstly they are adjustable!

You should try to buy the size of their feet now and get the most out of the adjustable roller skates, most quads come with up to 4 sizes and in three size ranges. VFM right here! You’ll find all that information is on our web site

The parts are replaceable.

This is a very important issue to consider, as there is no point buying roller skates for kids if you aren’t able to replace a brake, bolt or even a buckle. I see this time and time again, customers coming in wanting to fix or replace a part and it’s just not achievable with the skates they’ve purchased. The parts you need to ensure are replaceable are brakes, buckles, and straps as these are the most common parts that need replacing, and skating without anyone of them is dangerous.

A quality brand.

A good and reliable brand takes the comfort of the roller skates into consideration when designing the boot. You’ll typically find high quality lining, durable extra padding around the collar of the boot and the heel area will also be well padded for maximum comfort. It’s these things that keep kids roller skating and give you VFM. (Back in the day my son couldn’t do it for long as the hard plastic around the calf was too hard and very painful for him.)

The weight of the skate.

Technology is about keeping the weight down without compromising the structure of the skate. The message here is cheap doesn’t equal quality and more importantly it cannot give the beginner roller skater a great skating experience and you don’t get VFM!

If you have any questions please call us at Extreme Skates on 1300 318 011 any time! Just ask to chat one of the roller skate/quad skate product specialist, we are all industry trained and have had many years’ experience.

Also always remember we recommend to SKATE SAFELY by doing the following: Wear Protective gear, know your child’s skating ability and know the environment.

  Cheers, Franca