ROCES One of the most reptuable Inline& Rollerskate in the world are back instore!

Roces Inline and Rollerskates are back!

Extreme Skates is very excited that Roces inline skates and roller skates are back. After a long time without an Australian distributor it has been extremely difficult to access ROCES. Great news we have an Australian distributor who is committed to supplying ROCES to the Australian market via authorised dealers, which  Extreme Skates is. We are also committed to supporting this ROCES as their products are exceptional. The Italians have designed skates, rollerblades, and rollerskates making sure style, comfort, durability and performance are all of the highest integrity. Also included in the range by ROCES are kid's adjustable inline skates, available in blue, orange and lime green, more importantly these inline kids skates adjust up to 4 sizes and come with larger size wheels. Which means a lot less pushing and lot more rolling, giving the young skaters an opportunity to achieve skating as a pleasant experience versus hard work. 

We are all excited to have ROCES available in store and online and hope to be able to share the range with you. 

ROCES The Story

Roces is and Italian Brand established in 1952, leaders in design and production of inline and rollerskates. Italian company;s take a lot of pride in the manufacturing of skates, not ony do they look very pleasing they are also leaders in performance. A great roll will not disappoint, as all the components used are made from the highest grade quality materials. So the combination of style and performance will not disappoint. 

Product Range

We have a range of the  Roce skates kids inline adjustable in a variety of sizes in both blue and pink.

Also available in the Roces are men's, and women's inline skates in a variety of styles and price points for you to choose from. Have a look at the range we have available instore and online.

 Roces have a large range inline skates to suit skaters who are looking for  Urban Rollerblades, or for those inline bladers that want to skate for  fitness and  of also Roces Kids Adjustable inline skates are so convenient as the boot can be adjusted in length to fit for growth. Most of the Roces kids adjustable skates cover 4 sizes to allow for growth.  

It can be very challenging knowing what to choose, please call us, our team are industry trained. Extreme Skates takes great pride in giving our customers the confidence to make informed choices. Or if you prefer I have written a blog on how to choose what's best for you