What’s The Difference Between Tri Skates & Inline Skates?

It’s incredible what seems to come back into trend over the years. Many parents who rocked inline skates as kids are now out buying skates for their kids, and if this is you, you might be surprised to discover a whole range of new looks, styles and designs on the market. There are the classic four wheel inlines, but what about those new skates with just three wheels? 

These new designs are called tri skates. They’ve become super popular over the years, and they are essentially just another type of inline. However, many differences do set them apart, such as speed, ease of movement, and lighter weight. You might be wondering why they exist and why they’ve become so popular? 

Let’s break things down.

The basics

As mentioned, tri skates have three wheels, while inline skates usually have four. There are more advanced designs with up to six wheels, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What drove the development of tri skates was a desire to create a design that was faster and able to move more easily and effectively. 

Traditional inline skates with bigger wheels will provide better speed, but at the expense of manoeuvrability, and the question, “how can skaters have both speed and a decent amount of control, allowing for better movement?”. Enter three wheel skates. While you may find more stability with four wheels, but if you are all about speed, fast turns and maneuverability, Tri Skates might be the answer for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of four wheels

If you are just starting out with inlines skates, or coming back to it after a long break, four wheels might be the answer. For most beginners or novices, 4 wheel inline skates will provide the best balance and the ability to stop and start more easily. However, if you’re more experienced and looking for a challenge, as well as the ability to skate faster and for longer, tri skates may have the advantage. 

There is a good reason that 4 wheel inline skates Australia wide as they offer more stability and manoeuvrability, great for kids and beginners. Still, if you’re looking for something more advanced for yourself or for your teenager who loves to skate, three wheels might do the trick. 

Advantages and disadvantages of three wheels

Tri skates are all about speed. Perhaps not the go to for a novice skater, they are growing in popularity as their bigger wheels offer a faster roll with less resistance. This helps for a longer stride and the ability to skate for longer too, as with speed comes ease of movement, meaning you don’t have to put in as much effort as you would with four wheels. 

They are lighter, carrying less weight without that fourth wheel. Once mastered, that centre wheel can offer great control, making them a good choice for people who have been skating for a while. 

If you’re buying for yourself or someone new to skating, the speed they offer can become a disadvantage as this can make it harder to stop. If you’re buying for someone who has some experience with skating and wants to skate faster and longer, then tri skates could make the perfect gift. 

Inline skates Australia 

All in all, tri skates are a great option for lots of people. Tri skates offer speed and manoeuvrability and can be great for skaters who have a bit of experience under their belt. Inline skates with four wheels should be the go-to for beginners, providing more control.

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