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Longboard Decks

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      As Australia’s favourite local skate shop, we offer a great selection of longboard decks for easy cruising, commuting or hill racing. Whichever style of longboarding you prefer, we have the perfect deck for you. You’ll find a variety of the most popular brands including Jet, Loaded, Urskog, Omen, Landyatchz, Bustin, Arbor and more. These pro decks come in a range of shapes, sizes, colours, and graphics so you can personalise your set up to your own style. 

      Finding the right longboard deck

      Longboard decks may all look similar, but they can actually be made of completely different materials and be constructed in different thicknesses. A longboard deck can be made from different types of wood, most commonly used though are maple and bamboo. Here at Extreme Skates, you can find longboard decks from 6 ply to 10 ply in construction thickness. 

      A 7 ply deck may feel soft or mushy to a heavier rider, while a 10 ply deck will feel perfectly stable. There is hardly any visible difference between a 7 ply and 10 ply, but they are very different to ride, so make sure you know which ply you’re after and always check the construction thickness and material.

      Create your own longboard

      Creating your own board can be such a cool experience, and our designs are different and fun so whether you want it for yourself, or are buying for someone else, you can rest assured that you board will be unique.

      If there’s a design you want that you don’t see online, feel free to contact us here or come visit us on store. We’re more than happy to help and we will always do our best to accommodate our customers. 

      Shop with Extreme Skates

      We love helping people in their skating journeys. There’s nothing better for us than watching kids develop their skills and helping people of all skill levels find the gear they need. Extreme Skates is your destination for everything skating. We specialise in skateboards, longboards, roller skates, rollerblades/inline skates, roller derby skates, scooters, protective gear, accessories and more!

      Browse through our range of longboard decks to find different colours, sizes and designs to suit any skill level, taste and budget. Grab one today and get rolling.