Inline Hockey Is Wheely Good

Over the past year inline skating has only strengthened and diversified. While every day someone finds a new way to skate, the classics have only gotten more popular. Maybe it's thanks to Queensland's distinct lack of ice or our abundance of concrete, but inline hockey is back and looking to score. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the big brands rolling in the rink.

Revision Hockey

Started back in 2004, the Revision Hockey boffins are constantly mixing and testing new formulas and wheel designs. Because they're looking to improve the way you stick to the floor while providing you with absolute top speed. One of their most interesting wheels is called the Flex. The patented core design is slightly offset, making the wheel behave differently depending on what side it's being skated on. So it behaves as if it were dual Durometer, with one side flexing more than the other. See what makes Revision different here!

Labeda USA

Labeda have been in the game for a while now, being widely credited as the first company to introduce urethane wheels in the United States. Eventually they combined forces with BF Goodrich to create the first urethane blended core to bond with outer urethane preventing delimitation. While it sounds technical, it simply means a longer lasting wheel that's Taylor made for skating surfaces. Their Gripper wheels have become hugely popular in Hockey circles. You can learn about Labeda here.


While Powerslide have become synonymous with urban inline skating, they've been making inroads with a range of disciplines. With the launch of their Reign range of hockey skates they've also delivered some top notch wheels. The Prime wheels boast a faster roll, speedy stops, and tighter turns with sizes in excess of 100mm. Their urethane mix offers the perfect blend of speed, grip and abrasion.

Check out the full range of inline wheels and skates!

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