For many years, inline skates have been the most popular type of skate on the Australian market. We stock a wide range of inline skates for men, women and children here at Extreme Skates. 

We have quality inline skates, otherwise known as roller blades, that adults will enjoy wearing for fitness skating, speed skating, urban skating, off-road skating or commuter skating. Of course, we also have the accessories and parts to match! Get on a roll with a new pair of inline skates from Extreme Skates.

Buying inline skates

Not sure what type of adult rollerblades or inline skate you’re after? Here at Extreme Skates, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service to help make their own choices when choosing skates. 

As skating experts, we always make sure our customers know their skating goals. Do you want to skate long distances, go fast, or enjoy a leisurely skate along the footpath? What you want to achieve is very important, as it will determine what product will deliver the outcomes you want. We can help you find the best inline skates Australia’s skaters love and appreciate the importance of having quality equipment to achieve their skaing goals. 

The team at Extreme Skates are industry trained by product developers and take pride in giving customers the confidence to make their own choices. Because we hear the same questions every day we have written a blog in the hope it answers some of questions for you.

Stay safe on your skates

Protective gear is a crucial element to having fun while skating. It gives you the freedom to take that jump or go for the bigger pipe because you know your gear is there to protect you. We stock every kind of protective gear that skaters require, from mouth guards and helmets to wrist, knee, and elbow pads. Parents can find peace of mind knowing their kids are protected and skaters can skate without fear of getting seriously injured. 

The inline skates Australia loves

Browse through our range of inline skates. You’ll find different colours, styles and designs to suit any taste, budget and skill level. Grab your pair today and get skating.

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