We at Extreme Skates take great pride in giving our customers the confidence to make their own choices when buying a skateboard.
The complete skateboards we offer are built from quality parts which will ensure the skateboarder will enjoy the roll every time. For skaters who like to customise their set up, we have a huge range of the most popular decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape and more to ensure you have the best to choose from to create your ultimate skateboard. Come in and chat to our awesome team about your next skateboard choice, or about upgrading parts on your current set up.

Our most popular brands include Birdhouse, Antihero, Enjoi, Krooked, Baker, Black Label, Chocolate, Blind, Alien Workshop, Almost Skateboards, Darkstar, Smokebeer, and plenty more!
At Extreme Skates, we’re huge fans of fun, but safety always comes first, so be sure to check out our protective gear.
Check out our range below and have everything delivered to your door!
Not sure where to start? Read our guide to choosing the right skateboard.