Skate Size Guide

For optimal performance, it's crucial that all skates offer a snug fit. Resist the temptation to buy skates one size larger; as they break in, all skates expand and widen. It's worth noting that soft boots expand more than hybrid or carbon boots for inlines and suede boots will mold the best for quads. Remember, skate size doesn't automatically align with shoe size. We highly recommend obtaining the right size – either visit our store for personalised assistance or follow our straightforward sizing steps to ensure your skates are a perfect match for your feet.

Step 1:

Begin by placing a blank piece of paper on the floor. Wear the socks you intend to use while skating. Stand on the paper with your feet shoulder-width apart, and ensure your knees are bent over your toes.

Step 2:

Enlist the help of a friend to trace around both feet while standing on the paper. Ensure they don't press too firmly; the goal is to capture the silhouette of your feet accurately on the piece of paper.

Tip: Measure your foot at the end of the day or after a skate when it is naturally swollen to give an accurate fit for the skates. 

Step 3:

Measure the distance in millimeters between the two longest points on the traced outline of your foot. This straightforward measurement unveils your 'True Size', providing a precise indicator for selecting skates that perfectly match the dimensions of your feet.