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Skateboard Trucks

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      Skateboard trucks are the metal T shaped object you’ll find underneath your skateboard deck. They connect your board to your wheels and bearings. Skateboard trucks are a crucial aspect of your overall skating performance and creating a complete skateboard set-up. In our skateboard-trucks range you’ll discover heaps of top brands - Independent Trucks, Thunder Trucks, Venture, Ace and more.

      The technical stuff

      Several elements make up a skateboard truck, including axles, bushings (or cushions), kingpins, and hangers. The size and type of your truck will directly affect how your board moves in terms of stability and the kind of tricks you will be able to pull off.

      Getting your trucks right also affects whether you experience wheel bite, which can happen when your wheels contact your board, causing you to stop on impact when you take a sharp turn or perform a trick. This can be very annoying and also painful if you’re not careful and don’t put in the effort to find the right trucks for your board. 

      Luckily trucks can be adjusted so that you can perform those tricks or tighter turns without worry. You can also change your bushings to adjust for a better performance. The softer a bushing, the more movement your truck will have. Check out our incredible range of skateboard trucks below or come in and see our expert team to have a chat about the right trucks for your skating style.

      Get your skateboard trucks at Extreme Skates

      If you’re in the process of replacing your trucks or know someone who is, our range of skateboard trucks are durable, hardwearing and are only from trustworthy brands. Quality trucks are needed for any skateboard to function and move properly. The trucks found on this page are only for regular skateboards, if you’re looking for longboard trucks, you can head here for our collection of longboard trucks.

      Have a look through our selection, or if you need advice or more information, you can contact us here or come visit us in-store, we’re more than happy to help you with your skating needs.