Skateboard Trucks

      24 products

      24 products

      Skateboard trucks are the metal T shaped object you’ll find underneath your skateboard deck. They connect your board to your wheels and bearings. In the scheme of things, they are on the important side of your overall performance and creating a complete skateboard set up.

      There are several elements that make up a skateboard truck including axles, bushings (or cushions), kingpins, and hangers. The size and type of your truck directly affects how your board moves in terms of stability and the kind of tricks you want to be able to pull off.

      Getting your trucks right also affects whether you experience wheel bite, which happens when your wheels contact your board causing you to stop on impact when you take a sharp turn or do a trick. This may sound annoying and potentially painful. It is. 

      Luckily trucks are easily adjusted so you can perform those tricks or tighter turns. You can also change your bushings to adjust performance, the softer a bushing the more movement your truck will have. Check out our awesome range of skateboard trucks below or come in and see our expert team to have a chat about the right truck for your skating style.