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Pizza Skateboards

Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza Skateboards is a fun-loving deck brand who just adore pizza and have created an entire skate empire dedicated to its deliciousness.

Not sure if you’ve found a pizza deck? Check the graphics! Each board has creatively added the brand name into its imagery. From the Simpsons to the classic green, red and white backdrops there is a large range to choose between and you’ll find the best variety at Extreme Skates!

As well as awesome to look at, Pizza Skateboards are created from 7 ply maple to be strong, durable, and responsive for a well rounded ride. You’ll also get a solid pop from these boards as they have a medium concave style.

Pizza Skateboards produce a line of apparel, so you can carry your love in print form on your grip tape, hats, socks, pins and buttons!

Come in and chat to our team at Extreme Skates about your next skateboard, we can answer any questions you have and you can get a feel for the Pizza decks in person.