Which Longboard Should I Get?

Which Longboard is best? We are frequently asked “Which longboard should I get?” There are a few key things to be aware of: 1. What specifically do you want to use your longboard for? Cruising, Freestyle/Dancing, Bombing Hills, Carving Hills, Down Hill Racing? We have the right deck for you, check out or range of longbaords as a complete or build your own specifically for you in Bustin Arbor, Jet, Omen, Drifter, Urskog, Globe, Grand Gopher, Restless 2. The length and width of the board. Boards come a variety on lengths, the longer and wider the board the more room you have to move, but remember if you have to walk around with a long board it can be come awkard. As general guide for your board’s length, people below 5’4” will want something 29” and under. Someone who is taller will want your board to be 32” and up. Larger boards will give you a longer wheelbase for stability and also more room for your feet to land. 3. The size and hardness of the Wheels should I get? Occasional skate boarders can ride with a larger wheel of 65mm with a soft durometer. Softer wheels will roll faster grip better, and give you more easily controlled slides on street and or pavement – but not quite as fast when you are in a skate park. Take a look at some of the options Extreme skates has to offer. 4. Which type of wheel is best for me? The size, shape, and composition of the core of a wheel also plays a large role in the way it performs. Adding a larger diameter core will make a wheel roll faster, which is a great benefit for transportation, freeride, and downhill. Wider cores help support the urethane better which makes the wheel more resilient to ovaling and promotes even wear. Using a harder material in a core will also improve roll speed and help prevent deformation of the urethane during slides to promote even wear. However, these qualities can also make the wheel slide faster. Slowing down quickly is a must for downhill racing, so you should be very careful about the size and composition of the cores you choose. We are experts in this field and very happy to help you chose the right wheel for the type of skateboarding you choose to do. 4. Do you want a kick in the tail? Kick tails are usually at the tail end or front of the deck, angling upwards to assist with tricks and foot placement. 5. How do learn to longboard? First off, welcome to the world of skating! Whichever type of Skating you choose to do the skateboarding culture has a place for you. The most important things when learning to skate board are patience and practice. Those two skills will have you skating comfortably sooner than you thought. Becoming familiar with your set up is going to give you the confidence to push yourself the extra step. We suggest you start off on carpet or grass, find where your feet sit comfortably on the board so that you find your center of balance. It is important to get familiar with your set up, so that you know how it feels and moves under your feet. In the beginning, put your board on the grass or carpet and stand on the platform. Find where your feet are comfortable. Lean forward and back to feel the trucks move. Practice getting on and off your board. See which foot will be your dominate pushing foot and your plated foot. It is also helpful joining a skate community such as The Brisbane Longboard Family, to help you develop skills in a friendly environment. 6. Should I wear safety equipment? Such as helmet, knee and elbow pads? Yes absolutely, why risk any form of injury. We have a wide selection of helmets. All our helmets in store and online are registered with the Australian Safety Standards. Extreme Skates prides itself in the variety of Protective padding we have in stock. Something for everyone regardless of size, age and shape. You are now ready to pick out your board. Here is the link to our complete longboard Selection. If you are looking to build your very own personal longboard click here for a selection of Decks, wheels, trucks, deck bolts, grip tape and skate tool.