Staying Safe - Junior Protective Gear

In a recent survey, almost a quarter of all children aged 5-14 years reported roller skating or skateboarding in Australia. It’s easy to see why. Whether on a board or a set of inline or roller skates, learning to skate is incredibly rewarding. It’s not only fun, but a chance for kids to hone their coordination and confidence with some low-key exercise. For most people, skating becomes a lifelong passion. Most of these people will tell you, everybody bails at some point. But falling down shouldn’t mean giving up or getting hurt.

Some Skateboarding Stats: 

  • On average, more than 100,000 people a year are seriously injured while skating. 
    • More than half were aged 14 to 24. 
    • About one-third were between the ages of 5 and 14. 
Unfortunately, the bulk of these injuries are due to kids not wearing the proper junior protective gear.  Why is that?  Well, the most common reason people give is either comfort or style.  They say it’s hard to find protective gear that fits properly. Or they’re too worried about looking good to worry about their safety. Even Tony hawk has said, “The helmets I’ve worn through a lifetime of skating have compromised between comfort and protection.” Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Over the course of his career, professional skateboarding legend Tony Hawk suffered multiple concussions, cracked ribs, lost teeth and even a broken pelvis. No stranger to pain, Tony Hawk will tell you it’s impossible to understate the importance of safety while skating. Which is why he now he acts as a spokesperson for Triple 8, industry leaders in protective gear for adults and juniors alike. Photo Courtesy of Triple 8 (

Triple 8 protective gear in action.

Having been in the business since 1966, Triple 8 work tirelessly to keep up with the changes in safety requirements and new technologies. They never forget that while a helmet might be on your head, style is often on your mind.  This is often true for kids more so than adults, which is why they’ve teamed with professional rider Kevin Staab on a range of stylish but safety certified helmets for children. The Lil 8 Staab helmet has a host of kid-friendly features like an adjustable fit dial system and pinch-proof buckle protector, these helmets are super comfortable and fuss free. They also come in a range of cool colours to satisfy every taste. But junior protective gear doesn’t and shouldn’t stop at helmets. Growing bones need protection too, which is why 187 Killer Pads have a range of knee and elbow pads built specifically with little riders in mind. With over a decade of experience constructing pads for top professionals, 187 have put everything they know into a set of junior pads that are the industry best for safety and protection. Available in a range of funky colours and patterns, these sets come with knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. That’s everything a junior skater needs. Featuring a form-fitting design that perfectly cradles knees, elbows and wrists, they also have a superior foam system that absorbs hard impacts. Additionally, the ballistic nylon and seamless interior finish offers both comfort and durability.

Cool tricks and 187 Killer Pads

Ultimately, there’s no excuse for kids not wear junior protective gear while skating. There’s a host of options and styles available to suit all tastes and sizes. From knee pads to helmets, wrist guards and knee pads, safety certifications mean only the industry best options are available. So, make sure you keep yourself or your little one covered. Know the surroundings, know your or their abilities, and always wear protection!

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