Get Fit on RollerSkates - Our Top 3 Reasons to Try It!

Rollerfit - Our Top 3 Reasons to Try It!

Are you thinking of trying a new fitness experience on Rollerskates ? At Extreme Skates, we love all skate sports, and participating in group setting or srollerskating on your own  is no exception. There areso many skate groups around brisbane all gathering and skating together, it's like a village of like minded people who just love to roll no matter what.

Rollerskating no matter what you chosse to do you will be skating with skaters who will challenge you and not judge you, it's a safe space with  awesome people, and of course, a funky pair of skates to be gained from giving this hobbie a go.  The crew at Extreme Skates can put you in touch with groups skating in your area who love encouraging skaters to do gain more skills. Roller skating has the most eclectic mix of friendly, expert and down to earth people it's always such a pleasure getting to help customers find thier village and then hear all the stories.  You’re likely to bump into Sarah, or Soryn the Extreme Skates team teaching newbies how to skate, or taking them on  skate adventures around Brisbane. These ladies are not only experts on skates and veterans of the trade, but they are lovely humans who are equally talented at making people feel comfortable and welcome as they are at skating!  Without further preamble, here are our Top 3 Reasons to Try RollerFit. 

1 - Fun Exercise 

You’re exercising and it doesn’t even feel like it - because roller skating is fun! Cameron Diaz was once quoted saying she’s not a gym rat, she prefers to be outdoors doing activities like surfing. Amen. Exercise is much more enjoyable when it’s by accident!  RollerFit is full of activities from dance routines to fitness drills the classes are a fabulous mix of entertainment.  Healthy habits are also likely to stick if you’re doing something because you genuinely enjoy it rather than ‘to be skinny’. 

2 - You Learn Skills & Meet People 

You will meet like minded people who also love to roller skate and learn new skills. Rollerfit combines so many styles of skating. So, no matter what your background you are sure to pick up some cool new tricks.  From dancing techniques to fitness movements to simply learning how to turn around or how to stop on roller skates, RollerFit will introduce you to a whole new world. 

3 - Moxi Roller Skates are SUPER CUTE!

If you’re anything like Lorelai Gilmore, any excuse for a new outfit makes a good activity and RollerFit fits the bill! From cute shorts with knee high socks to the exceptionally magnificent roller skates, you can get excited about putting together your RollerFit uniform.  Moxi Roller Skates are easily the most popular set up. With colours including honey dew mint green, Pineapple Yellow to Beach Bunny pink and so many more. Moxi Roller Skates come in a variety of colours, materials and sizes as well as upgrade options for those who have a little more experience under their belt.  

The best part? You can own your brand new, expertly fitted roller skates of your choice, a decision made with confidence avoids buyers remorse.   You can even order online and enjoy free shipping!  Please call us to go though some sizing tips to avoid returns and disappointment.  Head onto

Rollerfit Image courtesy of Moxi Roller Skates[/caption]

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