Roller Skating Is Back

Roller Skating is back and is becoming more and more popular over the past few years. Thanks to Roller Derby re igniting the interest back into rollerskating. There are people who are now reliving their youths from the 80’s when Friday night Roller disco was the thing to be doing and families roller skated together as an outing. Once again it is so nice to see families roller skating at the skating rinks enjoying themselves and reconnecting with a common interest. Now there are so many different types of roller skating activities, from Roller Derby to Roller Skating ramps and bowls, street skating and jam skating. Also Roller fit, fitness class on rollerskates is another form of rollerskating that has become popular and on that note have you heard of RollerPole ? This is pole dancing on roller skates. They even offer hen’s nights for those that want to do something different. Unfortunately there isn’t one type of roller skate that will do all those things without making minor adjustments to your equipment. Something as simple as changing the wheels to suit the environment you are skating will make all the difference to your skating experience. Before you go out there and start skating why not check with us here at Extreme Skates to see if we can help you achieve the best roller skating experience you can. Let the "Good Times Roll"