Roller Derby The Video Game!

It looks like Roller Derby is finally getting its time in the digital spotlight with an exciting new video game! Currently in development by Ubisoft, Roller Champions is an upcoming free to play video game that offers a futuristic take on the popular sport. The game sees players racing around a rink in an attempt to score goals through hoops placed around the arena. The more laps you make the higher your potential score, but look out because other players will be aiming to take you down. Sound familiar?

See Roller Champions in action!

Set to release in early 2020, Roller Champions has players competing in matches between two teams of three. By winning matches and gaining fans players can progress to bigger stadiums and vie for sponsor attention. Featuring full body contact and athletic manoeuvres, Roller champions aims to capture the essence of Roller Derby and mash it with the immediate (and less dangerous) thrill of video games. Interested in trying roller derby for yourself? Get started by taking a look at our awesome range of gear!

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety - Always wear protection!

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