Radar Energy Wheels: Size, Shape, and Style

Picking the right roller skate wheel can be trickier than landing a 12-stair gap. Quad wheels come in so many sizes, shapes, profiles, hardnesses and even colours. Knowing which wheel works where can be a matter of practice and experience, though there are a few basic differences that you can keep in mind to get a head start. As you may already know, the most obvious difference is the hardness: a nice hard wheel for smooth or polished surfaces and a soft or squishy wheel for rough and uneven roads. But what about the subtle differences that come with the size and shape? Well, the Radar Energy wheels come in three different versions that highlight a few small but vital changes. [caption id="attachment_56094" align="alignnone" width="1428"]Radar Energy Wheels Radar Energy Wheels: 57mm, 62mm, 65mm[/caption] The smallest of the bunch, the 57mm is perfect for trick and park skating. With a boxy lip profile and super narrow contact patch, this wheel is incredibly responsive. Thanks to its small stature, it provides the right amount of agility for tackling ramps and jumps. A mid-size wheel, the 62mm is highly versatile and ideal for the outdoors. While still fairly narrow, the slightly rounded edge releases smoothly from surfaces. So it offers smooth turns and excellent agility, but it's also large enough for longer distance skating. At a weighty 65mm, this is a robust outdoor wheel that's built for the long haul. Boasting an aggressively rounded edge, it offers silky smooth push offs. The larger diameter and generous 35mm contact patch combine for stability and speed. So this is a great choice for long distance skating and cruising at speed. Hopefully these examples can show you how a small variation can change your roller skating in a big way. Think about where you want to skate and what style of skating you want to do, then you can find the wheels to match. Take a look at our full range of Indoor and Outdoor wheels, we have a little something for every skate.

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