New Season Skates from Powerslide and Chaya

Now more than ever, people have been taking to the streets for fun and fitness. Roller and Inline skates have seen a huge resurgence thanks to the current world disturbance. Whether you're getting ready to roll with the revolution or looking at a fresh new style, we have you covered with a new season of online skate from Powerslide and Chaya.

Chaya Reimagines Retro

Great performance doesn't have to mean looking drab. Known for their range of awesome park and recreation skates, Chaya are always adding new gems to their lineup. The Chaya Sketch Vintage is a mid-cut, sneaker style boot that's skated its way straight out of a sketchbook. With soft outdoor wheels, the Sketch Vintage is perfect for skating down the street. But if you're looking to dance the day away, the Chaya Classic Dance captures that retro joy and poured it into modern performance. With an adjustable toe-stop and super supportive high-cut boot, this artistic style skate is ready to rumble.

Putting the Rad in Radon

If that isn't inline with your tastes, Powerslide have revamped their radon series with new colours and even better performance. Thanks to the new Trinity X frames, the Radon Teal 80 and Radon Teal 90 are more adjustable than ever. So now you can angle your frames side to side as well as front to back for a perfect alignment with your feet. But Powerslide have also given the Radon a slick new colour scheme that is a sure standout.

Next is Now

One of their best selling boots, the Powerslide Next range has two new additions that are raring to go. With the Next Core 110 Black, performance has been pushed to the limit. Thanks to huge 110mm wheels and Abec-9 bearings, this skate has incredible speed and acceleration with all of the comfort and support the Next boot is known for. But if you're looking for something a little more low-key, the Next 90 Black White is the Fiat of freestyle skates. Though they stick with a traditional four wheel setup, the Next 90 pumps up the power by bulking up the wheels. Thanks to the 90mm diameter, they roll and respond like a classic inline skate but gather speed up like their big three wheel brothers.

Zoom Zoom... Zoom!

Back in black, the Powerslide Zoom has become the best entry level skate on the market. With the Zoom 80 Black and Zoom 100 Black, Powerslide have honed the Zoom down to the essentials of performance. Featuring a classic 2-point mounting system combined with a super durable hard-shell boot, the Zoom was made for the urban sprawl. But for the speed greedy skater, the Zoom Pro 100 Black is the fastest way forward. Boasting the new and improved Trinity X mount frame and broad 100mm wheels, the Zoom Pro can't be stopped. So no matter how many wheels you want, there's something for everyone this season.

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety - Always wear protection!

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