Why Do I Need To Know My Rollerskates?

Do You Know all the parts of your Rollerskates ? Why is it important to know your gear you ask? There a few reasons why a skater should know their gear. It helps to understand the mechanics or your equipment to improve the quality of your ride. All the parts that make up your skate have specific names. It helps us help you, when we get a call asking for a part that is round and “kinda” skinny with four sharp sides??? Hmm then the fun begins. We then have to go through a process trying to find exactly what that part is. It is also important to know that some parts are brand specific. Therefore knowing what type of skate, plate you have helps. On the subject of parts, there is a huge benefit in knowing what all the components do for your skating experience. Something as simple as changing a stock standard cushion to a high grade quality urethane cushion will do so much to improve the agility of your trucks and also do more work for your knees and ankles instead of your poor feet forcing the skate around the apex. I feel like I am a full time professional student going through the University of skating always learning always being challenged by new and improved technology, I find it so exciting to be able to share this information with my customers and helping them improve their skating experience, regardless of their goals. In my experience, in the skating industry knowing how to change up just a few things on your equipment has impacted a skaters attitude towards skating. They get so disheartened because they believe it's them, they can't seem to move forward no matter what and to find that it's the equipment not performing as it should, is what has been holding them back is always such a relief to the skater. Especially when they were so close to throwing in the towel and giving up thinking it was their inability to actually develop more skills and or techniques. So don’t give up, ask the right people the questions, discuss your concerns with your peers, or us here at Extreme Skates, between us here there are a few years of experience. If we don’t know we won’t BS you we will find the answer for you, that’s a promise. Our vision here at Extreme Skates is to “Have a positive influence in the community. To empower others to believe in themselves and to challenge you to become the best versions of yourselves.” Franca Baseby