Moxi Skates Into The Future

By now everyone knows the name Moxi Skates, and if you don't you're about to. For the past decade Moxi have been on a roll, with Moxi Skates sales accounting for more than 20% of the revenue reaped by manufacturer and brand partner, Riedell, in previous years. It looks like roller skating is bigger than ever and Moxi founder "Estro Jen" is aiming to build on that momentum. Moxi Founder "Estro Jen" Being Stoked[/caption] Last year the Moxi selection grew with a host of new colours to existing skates and accessories to suit every taste. This year is set to see the launch a whole new range of products to make Moxi better than ever. Let's have a look at a couple of choice examples.

Moxi Jungle Panther Quad Skates

Ready to roar, these budget conscious skates build on the same reinforcements that made the Beach Bunny and Jungle so versatile at the park or on the streets. While they're friendly on the finances, they're also a treat for feet. Trading the vinyl uppers of the Beach Bunny for drum-dyed, hand-sorted genuine suede, the Panther offers a more personalised fit and incredibly comfort. The Jungle Panther skates are sure to be a park favourite in no time. Check out the Moxi Panther Skates here!

Moxi Brake Petal Toe Stops

Pulling out all the stops, the Moxi Brake Petals are deceptively robust. Featuring a delightful custom flower shape, the Brake Petals will definitely outlast store bought roses. Poured with a super durable rubber compound, the two stage moulding process ensures an even wear with each colour embedded all the way through. Check out the Moxi Brake Petals here! Moxi Brake Petal

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