Make a Difference Coach Derby

I had the opportunity to coach the Brisbane City Roller Derby League freshmeat this week with the very coach who coached me through my derby Freshmeat phase, Hellton! I say ‘opportunity’ intentionally as the experience was great in so many ways. Yes, great to see a fresh faced (well actually bloody and painted as it was Halloween theme night) derby skaters so eager to learn and improve, but also as it made me reflect on my roller derby ride. My first few sessions were on rental skates, until Hellton, took pity on me and lent me his skates. I pretty much ran into Extreme Skates Roller Derby shop the next day to get my own roller derby skates and freshmeat pack. And of course now Extreme Stakes Roller Derby has kitted me out with my very own bright yellow super comfy custom Bont durolite/ carbon boots with F16 Pilot Plus Plates! Coaching with Hellton also made me realise what great friendships I’ve made through roller derby in Brisbane. I guess the best thing about coaching is when you see the light bulb moment in skaters or the click between team mates. That pure thrill when someone finally understands how to move their body to pull off a stop or block, or they realise the relevance of a particular tactic, that they are just jumping out of their skin and want to share it with everyone; this is the reward hoped for by every coach. By ViXXXen