The Benefits of a Skate Noose

How do I love thee, Skate Noose? Let me count the ways. There are three main reasons why I love my Skate Noose. Now, I don't mind what kind of skate noose you have, (my sponsor Extreme Skates Roller Derby has a large selection for you to choose from). I have some pretty strong feelings that most people should have something like this. In fact, I've seen one skater from La Trobe City Roller Derby commission her children to make a skate noose out of Loom Bands (now that's family friendly fun with purpose). If you are the kind of person who tends to leave their skates in their derby bag with their wet-with-sweat gear, then you need a skate noose. I know, I know, you can take it out when you get home, but why not separate straight away and then not have to forget about them in the back of the car overnight, or after a big after-party celebration? By separating your skates from wet gear, your bearings and trucks avoid potential rusting. Even a 20 minute drive can mean that moisture sets in to enclosed spaces. For ramps or outdoor skating, skate nooses make it hella convenient. You can have a small backpack for your derby protective gear (plus snacks, or skating tool kit), and skates can just be slung over your shoulder and away you go. No more having to shove it all in to a wheelie suitcase or huge backpack with skate compartment thingies. The third and final reason, and the most important really, is that you can get a skate noose to match your team or league colours. Zebras can also get Team No-Fun colours, yay. So the next time you're stuffing all your derby gear into a large suitcase big enough for 3 people, think about whether downsizing might make your constant derbying life a little more convenient (and colourful). Thanks for listening. Wrexy