Aggressive Skates Are Just Misunderstood

While there are dozens of inline skate styles, some of the biggest changes to the formula come from Aggressive Skates. The big difference is being designed specifically for park, ramp, and freestyle trick skating rather than simple recreation. That doesn't mean you can't just muck around on a set of Aggressives and have fun. But you should know a few of the key differences that make it more than just another inline skate.

Wheely small

Unlike an urban or fitness inline skate, aggressive skates are fitted with small, hard wheels that operate more like a skateboard wheel than a traditional inline one. Usually that means somewhere between 50-60mm and anywhere up to a 101 Durometer. So their ideal surface is smooth, polished, and hard like you find at the skatepark. 

Get in the groove

Most of not all aggressive skates feature a rounded dent in the frame between the middle wheels. This is called the H-block because, well, it’s shaped like the bottom of an H and it’s there to help you find the groove while grinding. While the general size of an H-block can vary, their purpose is the same, to lock in on a rail and let you slide all day.

Rock on or off

If you’re not coping with grinds, it may be a matter of adjusting the wheel setup. A traditional flat setup features 4 wheels in a row and offers the most predictable agility. While Rocker or Anti-Rocker shift to a 2 wheel setup, with either two wheels in the centre of the frame or one at each end respectively. The empty slots are taken by Grind Rocks, small plastic wheels that aren’t designed to spin so much as widen the space offered by the H-block or ease transitions. Both Rocker and Anti-rocker can vastly change the way a skate handles. 

Exercise your soul

Much like the H-block, the Soul Sliders or Soulplate is there to aid advanced grinds and manoeuvres. Sitting between the boot and the frame, the Soulplate usually has shaped ridges that are designed to guide the skates into position. But they also add to the overall grantable surface of a boot without compromising any integral part. aggressive Skates

Aggressive skates are really nice

These are just a few of the big differences in aggressive skates. Though there are a lot of little differences too. That could be anything from the cut of the liner to the rating of the bearings. But we know sometimes it's the small details that make a skate stand out. To get a better idea, check out some of our most popular Aggressive Skates here.

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