Virtual Fitting Service
  Our Virtual fitting service came about during COVID when it was really difficult for customers to come in. We would chat to our customers over video, ask the questions we needed answers to allowing us to give our customers...
Title: The Ultimate Guide to Chaya Jelly Cushions for Extreme Skating: Benefits of Each Durometer
We love talking cushions with our skaters, -why you ask? Cushions do alll the work for our knee and ankels, and if the cushions don't do their job it affects how you turn or even cant turn without feeling like...
Powerslide Inline Tri Skates:

Unleash Your Skating Potential with Powerslide Triskates!

Get ready to experience the thrill of inline skating like never before with Powerslide Triskates! These revolutionary three-wheel inline skates, also known as tri wheel inline skates, 3-wheel rollerblades, or triskates, are here to elevate your skating game. Embrace the power of three big wheels that offer a bigger footprint, more grip, and better response out of corners. With less energy consumption and improved endurance, you'll be skating for longer and enjoying every moment on these fast and agile skates.

Powerslide strongly believes that Triskates are the present and future of inline skating. Discover the perfect blend of speed, control, and maneuverability as you effortlessly glide through the streets or conquer the ramps at skateparks. The lower and shorter frame of Triskates, along with the center wheel placed right under the skater's center of gravity, ensures enhanced stability and natural-feeling turns.

Experience the revolution in inline skating with Powerslide Triskates and unlock your full potential on wheels. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a beginner looking to perfect your technique, Triskates offer the ideal combination of performance and fun. Get more with less and elevate your skating game with the ultimate choice for fast-paced and exhilarating skating adventures. Embrace the future of inline skating with Powerslide Triskates—the perfect companion for your next skating journey!

RollerSkate wheels Which are best for me?


The aim of this blog post is to clarify how the durometer impacts the performance of roller skate wheels. When it comes to roller skating, comprehending the significance of selecting the appropriate wheel for your specific skating requirements can be daunting. At Extreme Skates, we recognize the significance of having the correct gear, including wheels, to fulfill your skating needs.
Rollerskate & Inlineskate Sizing Insights - Tips
Written by Franca to help you save yourselves from frustration and also loss of $$$ with love! Let me start  by saying the information below is my way of helping you choose the correct size when buying skates of any...