Here at Extreme Skates, we stock a huge range of quality adult roller skates and quad skates here at Extreme Skates. We also offer professional fitting, heat moulding, and expert advice to give you the knowledge to choose the skate that will be perfect for you. We even offer custom build roller skates, and no job is too small for us. We have had the pleasure of watching the world roller skates evolve and develop into many different types of sport. Roller Derby has brought back the love of roller skating which some of lost and jumped ship to skate on rollerblades.

The past 10 years has brought the love roller skating to different applications, roller fit exercise done to music dancing on rollerskates, park skating is the latest sport which has brought so many skaters together park skating has a community of its own. No matter where you are in the world, pull out your rollerskates and you have friends and sense of safety the community brings. Extreme Skates is a leader in all things rollerskating, we build roller skates to the client’s individual needs. We retro fit rollerskates turning a recreational roller skate into a park skate. We love creating your dream skate and being a part of your roller skating journey is a privilege we do not take for granted. Nothing is too big or too small for us to tackle. You want it and we will help create your setup.

Our Industry trained boot fitters can ensure that you find the perfect option. We love what we do and have a wealth of knowledge about skates because we’re skaters ourselves. Our goal is to provide you with value for money and the outcome you’re looking for.

Just getting started? Ask us anything – there are no silly questions and we’re always happy to answer any queries about any roller skate listed for sale.


If you’re ready to glide, turn, cut and spin with the best of them, then Extreme Skates is the perfect place for you. Our extensive range of adult roller skates available online and in-store includes skates for everyone from roller derby skaters and advanced skaters to beginners and novice skaters (you can check out our fresh meat packs), including recreational, ramp skating, fitness skating, artistic skating, jam skating and speed skating. Being one Australia’s favourite local skate shop means we stock all your favourite brands of adult roller skates including Riedell, Moxi, Antik, Bont, Suregrip, Rio SFR, Chaya, RD, Jackson, and more.


Not sure what type of skates you’re looking for? We have a great range of beginner skates that suit different budgets. Whether you enjoy skating for fun or you’re part of a professional league, you’ll need some supplies. Beyond fully assembled skates, we also supply a huge range of spare parts, accessories and add-ons.

From complete beginners to intermediate and advanced skaters, Extreme Skates are the premier destination for adult roller skates in Australia. As avid skaters ourselves, we are more than happy to provide any guidance or advice that you may need.


As one of Australia’s leading local skate stores, we understand exactly what makes for quality roller skates. This is why we exclusively work with trusted brands and manufacturers, such as Moxi, Riedell, Antik, Bont, Impala and many more. Although we sell a wide range of cheap roller skates, quality and safety are never compromised.

Looking to purchase online? Our team is happy to chat with you via video chat before posting your order, which is free when you spend $300 or more. Alternatively, you can always visit us in store to be fitted and try several pairs of skates on to get a feel for which pair is best for you.


Of all the adult roller skates available in Australia, the quad style continues to be one of the highest selling. This option is particularly popular amongst those who skate for health and fitness rather than stunts and tricks.

If you’re completely new to the world of skating, quad skates are the perfect introduction. Thanks to their four-wheel design, these skates offer excellent balance and mobility that allows you to learn at your pace. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find out just how great they are for fitness, dancing, tricks, roller derby events and a whole lot more.

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