TSG Protective Gear

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      TSG Protective Gear stands for technical safety gear created by a wild bunch of former pro snowboarders, freeskiers, skaters, BMXers, MTBers and all-round thrill seekers. This group of a adrenalin junkies also happened to be perfectionists with scientific minds obsessed with creating the best protection possible. When the founders couldn't find gear that was up to their high standards they simply made their own. The TSG protective gear range includes helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, slide gloves, shin guards and more. Your body and brain are two of the most valuable things you own, so when you hit the slopes, ramp or track you can put everything on the line and know you're gear is 100% team tested and lab certified. Check out the range of gear below, or come in store to chat with our expert team at Extreme Skates and try your new gear on.