Longboard Slide Gloves

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      If you’re planning on doing anything more than riding A to B then you should pick up some Longboard Slide Gloves. With gloves protecting your palms you’ll be able to pull off tricks and technical slides all while keeping your skin on your hands rather than the asphalt. You’ll find a huge assortment of slide gloves at Extreme Skates for you to check out either online below or instore. From Triple 8 and Drifter to Adrenalin and Timeship, we can help you find something that fits like a… glove! When you are just starting out, gloves with heavier protection are a good idea as you are more likely to drag your fingers meaning a higher durability is preferable. More experienced riders should browse our lighter gloves with minimal protection outside of the puck. Not sure which longboard slide gloves are right for you? Chat to our expert team, we’re happy to answer any questions to help you pick the gloves that will work for you.