Longboard Bearings

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      Longboard bearings are crucial to your set up – you literally can’t move without them! They’re the small round metal object that sits inside your wheels and connects them to your longboard truck and gets them spinning. To ensure you get the right set, we carry a variety of bearings at Extreme Skates. You’ll find the classics including Bones Reds and Modus Blue, as well as Disco and Luxe. Longboard bearings aren’t a bad place to splash out, so if you’re looking to lead the pack, ceramic bearings are a great option. If you haven’t noticed the term ABEC yet, you soon will be browsing the Extreme Skates pages. ABEC is a standardised rating system used to assess the quality of bearings. You don’t need to have mastered science to figure out this system. The higher the rating, the more precise and hence smoother the bearing. Following that logic your ABEC 3 bearings are inexpensive and not overly precise, while your ABEC 9 bearings will cost a little more and take you further much faster as all the parts are working together more efficiently. Not sure which bearings are right for you? Browse our products and check out the descriptions, give us a call, come in store, or send us a smoke signal! We’re dedicated to finding you the right longboard bearings.