Return to Roots - Sustainable Longboards by Arbor

Return to Roots - Sustainable Longboards by Arbor

Sometimes it can feel hard to find a cruiser that’s also sustainably built. How do you know where the materials come from or where the profits go? That's where Return to Roots comes in. Arbor’s sustainable longboard program is making better boards for a better world. Founded with a focus on the environment, Arbor pride themselves on mindfully made products. For 24 years Arbor have been using sustainable forest products. Applying only the most responsible processes and components available. Since 1995, proceeds from every sale have been donated to the preservation of native forests. This program, called Returning Roots, makes sure every board gives back more than it takes.


What makes Arbor Collective different?


All products are made with highly renewable materials from well-managed forests, whether it’s a Bamboo longboard or Maple cruiser. Also, it's all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. These products are then treated using modern processes designed to minimise their effect on the environmental. Additionally, any wood by-product that gets created is either reclaimed or reused by Arbor and the companies they work with. So the strain on landfills and forests can be reduced. Even their grip is eco-friendly. Made from recycled crushed glass, the ultra clear re-grit surface keeps the natural grain on show. It's not only beautiful but also provides better performance over silica bead options. On top of that, their Sucrose Initiative Wheels are partially made using a sugar-based curative. This lowers the petroleum portion and adds natural durability. No matter your deck size or skating style, if you care about the ground you roll on maybe you should think about one of Arbor's sustainable longboards.


Arbor offer a range of board shapes and sizes. Lovingly made with attention to detail. Every aspect of their design is considered, from the shape of the deck to the width of the wheel base. Whether you're learning to cruise or bombing downhill, Arbor have a style to suit. Arbor Longboards


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