Roller Derby Gear

Roller Derby Gear... what do I need to get started? To start roller skating with a roller Derby League, a skater needs the following items as a minimum:
  1. Roller skates
  2. Helmet
  3. Knee Pads
  4. Elbow Pads
  5. Wrist Guards
  6. Mouth Guard.
All of the above can be bought in a pack also known as a Fresh Meat roller Derby Pack or you can buy your Roller Derby gear as single items and custom them to suit your individual needs. I have found the best way to get your Roller Derby gear is to work within your own individual budget and get the best you can with it. Dealing with a retailer specialising in the sport and asking the right questions about the derby equipment is usually the safest way to go and less chance of making a mistake. Roller Derby has a few different elements as do most sports, roller Skating ability, which you get from your coaches in the leagues, fitness, which is up to the individual and then there is the equipment. It is so important to have the right size roller skate on your foot. The boot needs to fit the whole foot, not just the length. The width of the foot and the shape and width of the heel need to be considered for the perfect fit. An imperfect fit creates so many problems and will never enhance a skater's ability to skate to their maximum potential. That is where I come into the picture. I am a qualified roller skate boot fitter and have been looking after Roller Derby skaters for 10 years now. I take a lot of pride in my profession and really enjoy helping skaters roller skate to their maximum potential. when it comes to protective padding, Knee pads, Elbow and Wrist Guards once again there are different levels of impact protection, there is a definite correlation between what a skater spends and the level of impact protection. Once again these are the sort of things I go through with my customers. We stock all the major brands at Extreme Skates roller Derby, like TSG, S One, 187 Pro Derby, Atom Elite, 888 (Triple 8) and many others too. Helmets, wow where do I begin, please please make sure the helmet is fitted correctly. I see so many roller skaters wearing helmets incorrectly . The helmet should sit, 1 inch above the eyebrow and must sit forward so it can do it's job and protect the skaters face. (See image below.) The helmet should go on like a vacuum snug but not so tight it gives you pressure anywhere on your head. Also make sure you purchase a helmet that meets the Australian Safety Standards. We stock all the major brands, TSG, SOne or S1, 888, Bauer and Pro Tec Helmets. We are always here to advise you when choosing your Roller Derby Fresh meat pack or upgrading any part of your rollerskates, so that you have the confidence to make your own decisions.Not sure about Extreme Skates Roller Derby? Go to our Facebook page read what people say about us.Thanks for taking the time to read my blog on what you need to play Roller Derby, I hope it has enlightened you and given you the confidence to come and chat to us. Cheers Franca