Extreme Skates News #2 with Ryan Smith

Skate News with our Team member  Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Skatepark Update

 Baringa Skate Park Summer is here, and its hot ! If you can handle the heat I highly recommend checking out the brand new Sunshine Coast street plaza known as Baringa Skate Plaza. This new park doesn’t have a single ramp, perfect for ledge lovers such as myself. (little clip of myself skating ledges.) Its located in Aura Boulevard, Caloundra West, and yes it has lights. Check it out, this link will take you to video of the skate park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JozHJDwce0s  

Breaking News

 In breaking news, Chico Brenes has shocked the world with his recent departure from Chocolate Skateboards. Chico has skated for Chocolate since I can remember so seeing him part ways seems strange but has me wondering what’s next. In another news Element’s new movie PEACE  is incredible. if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend, it’s on youtube. Girl Skateboards also recently brought out a new movie called “DOLL” Great movie, they have some serious amateur skaters on the team that I haven’t even heard of who rip. It’s skater’s with this kind of talents that take the level of skating another notch. Making it even more challenging when we’re out there trying to do the same. Bargins in store and online We still have some great sales on down here in the store. The custom $249 complete is still a very popular choice, getting to pick your own deck, trucks and wheels is always a winner. Always fresh stock in store, new decks wheels, and trucks to choose from every week.  We still have a large selection of discounted shoes in store and online available, such as Nike’s in variety of sizes going from as low as $50, come down and grab a bargain or hop on line at https://extremeskates.com.au/skate-shoes/ Did you know we are stocked up with BAUS sunglasses and BAUS caps, Beanies and the very stylish bucket hats designed to protect you from the sun. BAUS is a local brand created by a local Brisbane skater Tim for Skateboarders. It’s a prividgled to support Tim in his business, Baus headwear has a great team representing his product such as ADAM DAWES • AMIEE MASSIE • BRAD SAUNDERS • IAMD (ARTIST) • JAMES BRIODY JETT STANTON • MATT D'AMBROSIO (DESIGNER) • NIXEN OSBORNE • PAT GEMZIK (FILMER) Also Bumbags are in stock in a large range of colours and styles. Bumbags are becoming the easiest way to carry your gear around without having use a huge backpack. These Bumbags have a lots of quality little extras like silk lining, headphone ports that can be used without getting the phone in and out very user friendly.  These Bumbags make a great gift …the other day I read somewhere only 8 FRIDAYS TO XMAS… ?        Bumbag - Shaolin 2    BUMBAGS  WAIST  STYLE   $44.99  Bumbag - Shaolin 2 Basic BUMBAG SHOULDER STRAP $44.99  Bumbag Nicks