Chaya Boots And The Female Fit

Women's feet are uniquely proportioned with different needs, that's why Chaya boots have been specifically designed with the female fit in mind. A woman ́s heel has up to 26% less volume compared to a man ́s heel. So boots based on a man's foot just isn't going to cut it. There are several areas where women's feet need added support or simply less volume, the toe box, heel pocket, and arches for example. One of the biggest performance issues for female Roller Derby skaters is a lack of arch support. It can make skating well harder to achieve, or be downright painful. Also, with a unisex derby skate, women can find themselves lacking a snug heel lock. This can compromise lateral stability and result in a poor skate overall. Teaming up with Sergio McCargo, a renowned manufacturer of custom boots, Chaya have developed a specific woman’s last geometry. Called EVEFIT, it's been tried and tested by women for women who play Derby. Learn more about the unique Chaya Boot Technology here!

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