Beginner Skate Boards

At Extreme Skates we specialise in everything skateboarding. Why? Because we love the sport and understand the positive impact it has on the skate boarder’s life. Extreme Skates has been looking after skaters all over Australia for 15 plus years with all their skating needs. So where do you begin when buying a skateboard for a beginner? Well it’s always worth buying a complete skateboard that comes with quality components so that the skater can actually achieve tricks. I like to explain to my customers the importance of getting a complete skateboard that does actually help the skater is the difference between skating and not skating. Knowing what to choose can be challenging as there are so many choices and variants in such a crowded marketplace, which is why our team at Extreme Skates are happy to help. Not only does our team all skate, they are also industry trained by the manufacturers to understand all about the latest technology used in creating the skateboards. That simply means we’re all passionate about skateboarding, being in the know with the latest technology, news, and skating techniques and sharing our knowledge. Allow us the opportunity to give you the confidence to make your own choices with confidence. Our Extreme Skates store has a huge range of complete skateboards in stock, so you can see them in person. Skateboards from Element, Real, Antihero, Seven, Animal, Krooked, and many more suitable for all ages, from beginner to advanced skill levels, from $99.00 to $249.99 just in time for Christmas. For more information on sizing and anything else please take a look at our website Holiday complete animal To help beginner skaterboarders we do offer complimentary skate lessons if you would like to participate in please send us an email to