ATOM BOOM WHEEL IS HERE WITH THANE FORMULA For those who don’t know about Atom Wheels’ background, it’s headed by Doug & Julie (Atomatrix) Glass. Julie has medaled in just about every inline speed skating competition known to man, and Doug is a world champion speed skater as well. They are also the official wheel of Team USA and the WFTDA, so we’re not talking about a Johnny Come-Lately here. The company is tried & true. It's always exciting when new wheels are released. Atom Wheels – best known for its wildly popular Poison wheel – has seemingly done it again, this time with the Boom, a hybrid, indoor/outdoor urethane wheel designed specifically to DOMINATE concrete, asphalt and even some wood surfaces. Atom have added another hardness to their Boom wheel range it now comes in XFRIM with a red hub and designed for Roller Derby. While it is still classified as a hybrid, because of the firmness of this wheel it's probably more suited for indoor use as it could be a bumpy ride outdoors. The BOOM wheels come with different coloured hubs instead of a durometer number. The reason for this is that it is a brand new forumla. Numbers can be helpful, but should not be used to say yay or nay without trying the wheel out.: The coloured hubs make it easy to identify the different hardness's in your wheel bag, below I have listed the different coloured hubs to match their hardness. PINK: Hybrid-Firm ORANGE : X-FIRM, RED: XX FIRM . Designed to have SUPERIOR roll WITH slide control on Sport Court, Wood and Grippy cement floor The slim version 59mm x 38mm for agility and mobility and the wide version comes in 62mm x 44mm for the those derby skaters looking for addition width and stability. Extreme Skates Roller Derby is super excited to be stocking the Atom Boom derby wheel. This link will take you directly to our web site. Get yours from Extreme Skates Roller Derby